Enjoy Macedonia - in the Heart of Balkan

Macedonia is a republic on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. The country is since 1993 member of UN. Skopje is its capital. Over the centuries the territory which today forms the Republic of Macedonia was ruled by a several different states and empires, as it was seen as a gateway between Europe and Asia. After the WWII, it was a part of Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, the country that ceased to exist in 1992.

The biggest tourist attraction of Macedonia is perhaps town Ohrid and Lake Ohrid. This historical town was placed on on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The region is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe, and Ohrid became a significant cultural, religious and economic center. Today Ohrid is most famous for its ancient churches, basilicas, and monasteries. In the 11th century, it was for a while the capital of the great Samuil Empire, and the fortress that was raised then still presides over this beautiful town.

Today Macedonia attracts also with its beautiful and varying nature, especially Mavrovo National Park, which during summer months offers great opportunities for swimming, fishing and boat trips on the Mavrovo Lake; and in winter - skiing high at the Zare Lazareski Ski Center.
Ancient Roman ruins next to mosques, Orthodox churches, and old Oriental bazaars like the one in Skopje also attract visitors.

Getting here and getting around
MAT Airlines fly to Skopje from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Istanbul, Rome, Vienna and Zürich, as well as from Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Sofia, Tirana, Zagreb, Prague, Belgrade and Budapest; just to mention a few. In summer, there are charters flying from a number of European countries directly to Ohrid. One can also choose Thessaloniki or Sofia as destination, and then take a bus to Skopje.

Regular train service connects Macedonia to Greece and Serbia. To Skopje there are bus connections from Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey. Amongst tourists, taxis are perhaps the most common mode of transport in Macedonia urban areas.

Travelling by car, with a good map should not be a problem; most street signs are printed both in Cyrillic and Latin letters.
Time zone: UTC (GMT) +2. Daytime saving time (DST) is observed.
Currency: Macedonian denar (MKD).
Climate: Mild continental in the most part of the country. Warm, dry summers and relatively cold, humid winters. In the mountains, the  mountaneous climate with long and snowy winters, cold springs, and short, cold summers. In the ravines, like Gevgelija-Valandovo ravine, the Dojran and the Strumica-Radovis, there is so called changed meditaranean climate. There are mostly two seasons: summer, wich is long and dry, and mild and rainy winter. July is the hotest, with temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius. Snow is very rare.



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